Friday, September 12, 2008

Did you miss me...

Well probably not because I am probably the only one that reads my blog. That is how life has been for me.

Here is a recap of the last month.

1. Had Kidney stones - spent $6500 at the hospital.
2. Had USCIS fingerprint appointment.
3. Traveled back to my home state for my mom and dad's farm auction.
4. Homestudy is complete.
5. Waiting to send dossier until Mr. NWA becomes Mr. Delta.
6. I have been promoted to Senior at my job.
7. Working 40+ hours to get tax returns before October 15th deadline.
8. Kids are healthy and enjoying school.
9. Receiving random donations of ink jet cartridges and digital cameras.
10. Studing for CPA exam.

That is all for now. I hope to hear from everyone.


sara said...

Uggh..isn't that life to have the kidney stones in the middle of an adoption?

Amy said...

You aren't the only one reading your blog! LOL I actually just left you a note this week checking to see what was new.

Sorry to hear about the kidney stones -- YUCK!! What's your home country?

As a frequent NWAer, when does Mr NWA become Mr Delta? Angie and I were hoping you would join us in a Vlad party.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I read and I have missed you. Sorry about the stones. OUCHY.

xoxo said...

40+ hours? How do I get that? lol. Work is less work than the homefront. iTunes & zone out while cranking out the tax returns. I'm ready for tax season!!! I know, don't remind me come March 29th when we are buried... After November, we'll be begging for it! n p.s. you are NOT the only one who reads your blog! Maybe if you posted more than once a month, lol. xo

Becky R said...

I read your blog, thanks for the update! Sorry about the kidney stones! -Becky

~ym said...

Ok, time for an update, girl! Tequila Sunrises in Margaritaville sound fabulous! Sign me up! And get back to work, slacker!

poseygirl said...

Wow, seems like summer has been tough all around. I am afraid to list my pitfalls. LOL.

I relate to the feeling that no one reads your blog, even though I know that is not true.:)

Now that I am back, I will definitely be keeping up with you.

I got my signature from Wife to the Rockstar. Can you tell she is my blogworld mentor? :)

Alison Raymer said...

The CPA exam? Yuck! I took it twice and then decided private accounting might be more my speed....I didn't like tax anyway!