Thursday, August 7, 2008

This weeks events.

It has been an eventful week. We received our fingerprinting appointment for USCIS. We go on August 13th. Now, if we had our home study in hand we would be all set.

The kids started their new school year on Monday. Our beautiful daughter started 6th grade, Draysen off to kindergarten, and Devin in pre-school. Monday morning was tearful for this mom. I always get choked up on the first day, concerts, and other events. I am so proud of them all. As Danae got on the bus to go to her first day of middle school I had to turn away. My little girl has become such a beautiful young woman. For Draysen, the teacher had us line up outside the school and that is where we said our goodbyes. Draysen was so very excited and such a big boy. Again I teared up. My little boy, he has grown so much in the last three years since his arrival to our home. Devin was the only one with no change in his surroundings.

Our newspaper article is supposed to be published on Saturday. I am anxious to see if our article will prompt people to donate their used phones and such. Just think, if we could collect 20,000 phones at around $1 a piece. There we have it $20,000 for our adoption. Yah right - only in a perfect world. I would at least like to try it for one day - the perfect world anyway.

Other than that, tomorrow is Friday. I love Friday's as this is the last day of my work week. For now anyway, until tax season rolls around and Friday's do not mean anything, except more work.


xoxo said...

Yay for Fridays!

Christine said...

Awesome! Today was a good day.